Most people know that cigarettes are bad for the body.

They can cause cancer, and they make it hard to breathe for the person smoking them and the people who are around. When smokers discovered e-cigs, they thought that it was a healthier option.

Now, doctors aren’t so sure. A recent study has revealed that smoking e-cigs can be linked to “popcorn lung.” This is an irreversible condition that is sometimes worse than cancer.

The refill liquids often contain a chemical called Diacetyl. This is the chemical that is responsible for the condition in the lungs.

The condition is called “popcorn lung” because it was first seen in people who would inhale artificial butter flavoring while working with microwave popcorn in facilities.

The disease causes small sacs to form in the lungs. These sacs cause excessive coughing and make it hard to breathe. The chemical has been found in 47 out of 51 liquids that have been tested that are commonly used with electronic cigarettes.

In 39 of those flavors, the amount of the chemical was more than what was found in a laboratory when the liquids were made. This chemical is seen in artificial butter flavoring, fruit and alcohol flavors and especially candy-flavored e-cigarette flavors.