A popular Instagram influencer named, Freddie Bentley has recently been extremely vocal about his standings on whether or not certain parts of History should be taught to youngsters. His request is that any information about World War II is no longer taught in schools. Bentley is uncomfortable with the fact that our nations youth is learning about Nazis and the concentration camps that they created. His complaint is that this part of history is ‘too intense’ for young people of this time. He believes that by teaching young people the details about World War II, that the mental health of millennial is being negatively impacted. He believes that the difficult information will do damage to their psyche.

Bentley’s goal when he went on the popular television show called, Good Morning Britain, was to start a conversation. He wanted to start an discussion on whether or not schools in Great Britain should remove some of their curriculum in order to make it easier on young people. He wants the schools to stop teaching about World War II because it is the tragic event that started Europe off into resorting to war and violence in the future.

While appearing on Good Morning Britain, Bentley states that, “It was a hard situation, World War II, I don’t want anyone to think I’m being disrespectful. I remember learning it as a child thinking, ‘Oh my God, it’s so intense.” He goes on to state “I don’t think encouraging death or telling people how many people died in the world war is going to make it better.”

When asked what he thinks they should teach in place of the World War II curriculum, he explains that more influential and beneficial information should fill that slot. Bentley believes that schools should be teaching more real life skills to students. Some of these topics include: information about home mortgages and political issues. These topics would help young people be better educated about real world issues and in turn, help to make them better informed as they grow into adults.

He makes claims that he was not well educated while he was in high school and that this is the way to fix the problem. He believes that more financial topics as well as political topics will help to make young people better prepared for issues that they will encounter when they are adults.

As a social media influencer who is popular with young people, Freddie Bentley, feels like he is in a good position to help make a change in the education system. He is in the perfect position where he is able to reach out large amounts.

However, when he shared his opinion, he was not met with the reaction that he was expecting to receive. Many people on Twitter have accused Bentley of being disrespectful, and idiot and uneducated. He has a select few who are on his side as far as the argument goes. But most people are angry. They feel like World War II is an important part of history that young people need to be aware of. They say that it helps young people to understand what the soldiers did to fight the bad people. They say learning about history helps us to understand what happened in our past so that we will not repeat it in the future.

Most people believe that History repeats itself so it is necessary to learn what happened in the past. Bentley is hoping that people will start to understand his side if he keeps talking about it publicly.
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