Jon Voight recently spread a little love in a Kentucky community for Thanksgiving. The star bought at least half a dozen turkeys for children facing crisis situations.

He went into a Walmart and made the purchase just in time to get meals on the table for the children and families. Sydney Gholston works at Home of the Innocents.

This is a non-profit in Louisville that helps children who have been abused and who are vulnerable. The woman as at the Walmart to purchase turkeys for the dinner that the home was going to provide for the children.

Jon approached the woman and started talking about the number of turkeys in her cart. Sydney was helping the cashier by scanning the turkeys, so she didn’t know that it was Jon who was talking to her.

She started to tell the man about the facility and how they help those who are in need when she noticed who it was she was talking to instead of just another customer. Sydney told Jon that he looked familiar, and he confirmed his identity.

He paid for the turkeys and even posed for a picture that Sydney posted online. Thanks to Jon’s help, about 70 children received a delicious meal for Thanksgiving.