Terri Irwin, who is Steve Irwin’s widow, is rumored to be dating Russell Crowe.

Not only are the two rumored to be dating, but they are reportedly discussing marriage. Russell Crowe has reportedly said that he wants to go public with the relationship because he does not want to hide his feelings any longer.

Russell Crowe was married to Danielle Crowe. They were married for nine years before they separated in 2012. He really loved Danielle, so this separation was really hard for him.

Terri understood what Russell was going through. She had trouble finding someone who was compatible with her after her husband died.

The two never expect to find love again. That is why they instantly clicked. Some reports have stated that they are planning to tie the knot in 2008.

The Australian Zoo is the place Terri Irwin calls home.

The officials have shot down those rumors. They have stated that Terri and Russell are not dating, and they are definitely not going to get married.

Even though the rumors have been shot down, the two have been spotted together.

Russell and Terri have been good friends for many years. Time will tell whether the two have more than a friendship.