Roy Mooney, who is an Arkansas State Trooper, recently showed people what it means to go above and beyond to serve and protect.

When he saw that people’s lives were in danger, he decided to risk his own in order to save them. Roy purposely collided with a car that was driving the wrong way. He is now in a rehabilitation center recovering.

Matthew Choate was the 24-year-old driver who was going the wrong way.

He was intoxicated during the accident and killed during the crash. Roy has undergone numerous surgeries ever since the crash. He is struggling to heal physically and emotionally from his injuries.

Roy is touched by all of the support that he is getting. This is not the first time that Roy has put his life on the line to save someone else. Three months ago, he rescued a man who was trapped inside of a burning car.

He was also awarded the Lifesaving Reward. Paul Montoya, who is also a police officer, wrote about Roy on his Facebook page. He stated that he salutes Roy for his heroism and sacrifice.

Paul also stated that Roy has a long road of recovery ahead of him, but he is hanging on.