Illinois families are outraged because they have not been paid their lottery winnings.

Tom Zimmerman is one of the winners. He stated that the state has not paid over $288 million in winnings. A statement was released saying that the state would not be paying any winnings until the state’s budget crisis was resolved.

Susan Rick is another one of the people who is waiting for the money that she won. She won $250,000. She is looking forward to receiving the money because she will be able to live a more comfortable life with her family.

She is disappointed that she has not received the money yet. A group of employees won a total of $1 million, but they have not received one dime. Rhonda Rasche, who works as a hospital clerk, won $50,000 on a scratch off ticket.

Rhonda was told that she would get her check within four to six weeks. However, she has not received anything yet, and it has been months since she won.

She believes that this is unacceptable. She thinks that if a private business would have engaged in the same practice, then they would have been shut down.

The business would also be charged with fraud.