It won’t be long until children everywhere are overly excited for that special time of year when presents flow and everyone goes to church a bit more. Kids are already coming up with their Christmas wish lists for Santa, and parents are already buying the toys, video games, and anything else that might be on those lists.

Most parents want to make sure they get their kids as much from their wish lists as possible, and maybe a few things that those kids didn’t expect. Of course, the prevalence of social media has allowed some to share their enthusiasm, and many others aren’t pleased with the results.


One mom has recently taken a lot of heat for displaying her Christmas tree on social media. Her tree had more than 250 present underneath it, and the scene was so filled that much else beyond the tree and the mountain of presents couldn’t be seen. Some people might say that the mother was simply exercising her right and ability to give her children absolutely anything and everything they wanted. Others on social media weren’t so understanding.

They started harassing the proud mother for her generosity.


Many thought that Emma, the mother in question, was overindulging her children, who may have been taking advantage of their eccentric mother. Others accused her of sending the wrong message to her children, citing the true meaning of Christmas. Others questioned her devotion to any sort of faith if she was materialistic. However, it is certainly not the place of those online to criticize and insult strangers.