“Eastern brown eats python which was eating a rat.

Crazy turn of events unfolded at mulgowie today.
A few things to note here I’ll get to soon,but jessica(who took the vids) walked in to the shed & new there must of been a snake as the willy wagtails where making a lot of noise.
When she looked up there was the brown snake climbing(5m up) a long the beam to the rats nest,there were rats scattering everywhere & jumping for their lives off the beams & a lot of squeaking sounds.
She watched the brown snake go a long the beam & could see it had gotten something, when it then dropped down hanging from the beam with a small python in it’s mouth & the python was coiled around a rat & not letting go.

They’ve then fallen to the ground where the python let go of the rat & the struggle began,the python had coiled it’s self around the brown snakes head,this went on for a good half hour before the brown broke free & unfortunately for the python once it had been envenomated it was all over,little python still put up a fight but it didn’t last much longer & was ultimately eaten.

So a couple of myths busted here all at once,yes venomous snakes can & do climb,this brown had climbed 5m up to raid the rats nest,secondly i often here that having pythons around will decrease the chances of having venomous snakes around,personally i find that there is no evidence to back that up,when you have hay sheds,barns horse stables etc then your going to get rodents & plenty of them,in return your going to get equal both brown snakes & pythons with plenty of rodents to feed on between them.

So to sum up the rat the little python was eating is now dead,the python who was enjoying the rat for lunch is now in the stomach of the brown snake lol nature at it’s best hey.
Thanks to Jessica from mulgowie who captured all of this & sent it to me to share.

Will post more vids in comments.
Video credits jessica mace.
0411 399 272 have a good night.”

brawl in between an eastern brown snake and a python over a juicy rat turned lethal recently– a minimum of, for 2 celebrations included.

Jessica Mace of Mulgowie, Australia, was checking a loud noise originating from her yard shed when she came across the violent scene. As she went into, she discovered a big eastern brown snake crawling approximately 16 feet up towards a rat’s nest with a python in its mouth.

” The python was coiled around a rat & not letting go,” according to a Facebook post by Queensland-based Andrew’s Snake Elimination, which described Mace had actually shared the story with them.


The snake elimination business stated the reptiles ultimately dropped to the ground and after that started to “battle” over the rat. However the tussle didn’t last long.

” The python had actually coiled itself around the brown snakes head, this went on for an excellent half hour prior to the brown broke complimentary & sadly for the python once it had actually been envenomated it was all over, little python still argued however it didn’t last a lot longer & was eventually consumed,” the group explained.

The eastern brown snake, understood for its hostility, is thought about among the most hazardous snakes worldwide.

” Eastern brown snakes, together with other browns are accountable for more deaths every year in Australia than any other group of snakes. Not just is their venom ranked as the 2nd most poisonous of any land snake in the world (based upon tests on mice), they flourish in inhabited locations, especially on farms in backwoods with mice,” Australian Geographical as soon as explained in a post.

Andrew’s Snake Elimination shared a video of the wild encounter, keeping in mind that it assisted bust a couple of misconceptions– that poisonous snakes can climb up and they aren’t hindered from engaging with pythons.

” When you have hay sheds, barns horse stables etc then you’re going to get rodents & lots of them, in return you’re going to get equivalent both brown snakes & pythons with a lot of rodents to feed upon in between them,” the business cautioned.

The service stated the “insane turn of occasions” was just “nature at it’s finest.”

“To summarize: the rat the little python was consuming is now dead, the python who was delighting in the rat for lunch is now in the stomach of the brown snake,” Andrew’s Snake Elimination concluded.