It’s not uncommon to sing Christmas songs while in church. You can hear the beautiful messages of hope and love of the holiday season by choirs and individuals who want to brighten the lives of others. Peter Hollens lives in Oregon.

He knows that he is a talented singer, and he enjoys making others happy through music. Some of his fans on YouTube have requested that he do a rendition of the song “Mary Did You Know?” He went a little out of the box with the song, but the result landed several viewers and a good bit of praise. The beginning of the video features Hollens sitting along on a church pew.

He begins to sing, but there is someone else who joins him shortly after. A little digital tweaking turns the performance into something unique.

There are many who have covered the song, but no one has offered a version quite like that of Hollens. Hollens has a deep voice throughout the video.

It resonates in the church with a richness that brings chills to those who view his videos. With the help of digital editing, he is joined by himself. There are several images of Hollens sitting on the same pew, each with a different sound that goes together to make a complete song.