Silent, solemn monks in heavy robes are a common stereotype. Monks are actually a vibrant tradition from various religions and cultures that all behave differently, but it is true that taking a vow of silence is a common activity.

In several different religions, monks believe that they can focus on their faith better if they are not constantly chattering. Some high school students have used to traditional idea of a silent monk to create an amazing talent show event. A group of students wanted to sing in a talent show, but realized that their voices were not quite up to the job of singing the classic song, “Hallelujah.” So the students all dressed in rough, brown robes with a hood that covered their faces in order to perform the song as silent monks. As the classic music begins to play, the monks flip up signs to “sing” each syllable of the song.

The level of preparation required to create so many brown robes and neatly write out each syllable of the entire song is truly impressive. Instead of the typically goofy talent show skit, this innovative take on the old Christmas classic manages to be both reverent and fun. The students were able to avoid singing, and they still got to perform the song they love.

It may be hard to describe their performance, but if you watch the video here, you can see the truly stunning talent show event featuring silent monks who sing.