Julia is an Instagram model, but she has a secret talent as well! She has a love for music, and her Instagram is full of videos showing her doing mixing such as using special software for that. She also has many pictures and videos of her keyboard.

Her videos about mixing say that she has trouble choosing between her different takes because she “loves them all.” She also shows herself playing the keyboard while writing “love those cords combo.” She has a set up in her house showing microphones and other equipment. She shows herself playing the keyboard and writes about how she’s learning to play the chorus for different stuff that she plays. Music enthusiasts will love her talent for playing the keyboard, which she shows off frequently.

She has many videos of her ringed hand playing different keys on the piano, for example. She writes about how she loves playing with her left hand. Julia also shows videos of herself singing in her house while someone else plays the keyboard for her. As you can see, music really is a passion of hers! Julia adds little videos about her voice workouts, practice sessions, and how she’s a beginner at singing and loves her vocal lessons with teachers. In general, Julia has 4.9 million followers on Instagram. She posts about her lifestyle on the site, including for tips about beauty, tips just for men, general health stuff, stuff about her body, stuff about her kids, and just about everything else you can think of in general. This includes about food, meal plans, work and so on.

Julia is based in San Diego and her Instagram is definitely blowing up. You can see many pictures of her wearing striking orange workout clothes, or sometimes some in pink. She shows off equipment that she has for both working out and for beauty or for music. Sometimes she’ll just post random stuff like a panther. She has many photos of her little dogs, and for the various photo shoots that she’s done. Some of her stuff relates to teeth whitening or other beauty products.

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You can see Julia riding a horse on the beach next to the waves, washing up in her bathroom, or looking at music that has flowers on it. From her Instagram, you can also see that Julia is a wine enthusiast in between her workout sessions which include working out in her pool. It’s a beautiful pool and it’s nice and blue and she often glows in it wearing white clothing. Workouts and different kinds of smoothies are a big part of her photos on the page. Julia values lifting weights and wearing torn jeans. She has landscapes of elephants walking near the ocean, cheetahs, and other animals. This could explain her enthusiasm for wearing natural patterns like leopard print clothing and leather gloves. she really is a model with a hidden side and many talents and interests that you might not otherwise know about.