Whenever someone mentions the word model, the same bywords and stereotype are typically thought of : slim, fit, and beautiful.

Usually, the models seen in magazines and now social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram are wearing bikinis on the beach or endorsing a cosmetic product like slimming teas or their favorite makeup swatches. While many models use Instagram to showcase their modeling talents and their sun kissed skin, Stephanie Vino, a traveling American model, uses her platform to broadcast her hidden talent: building and re-purposing furniture.

Stephanie is a traveling ring girl, so obviously she is in great shape and enjoys showing it off, but her true beauty lies in her hobby of creating beautiful wood pieces. On her Instagram stories, you can find her going through the process of making numerous projects, including a flower wall for photo shoots, a stained-wood accent wall, and living room furniture.

Stephanie enjoys showing her art process from the initial furniture cleaning and sanding to priming and painting. One of her showcased masterpieces is a wooden table she refurbished into a white coffee table with black accents in the middle.

It compliments her living room furniture and adds a nice contrast, especially accompanied by a dozen roses. It is great to watch her intricately detail each project, doing her own power tool work and her eye for choosing her materials. What is most impressive is how effortlessly she makes operates different machinery look while still keeping it cute in a casual robe and a pair of fuzzy animal slippers. Its also fun to see all of the fun animations Stephanie uses in her Instagram project stories, like Garfield painting a shelf or Pikachu working underneath an under construction sign. Her creativity is perfectly paired with a refreshing sense of humor.

Stephanie Vino is the prototype for the modern day woman. Of course, women love to be beautiful, so you can find plenty of Stephanies glamour and bikini photo shoots. It is safe to say, however, that Stephanie is a little more versatile with her social media. Not only does she create beautifully crafted furniture, she also plays softball and travels nationally since her start as an MMA ring girl that transitioned into modeling for numerous clients.

This Jane of all trades is also great behind the camera with her own photography website. From participating in Valentines Day shoots with friends to filming taco eating contests and MMA Awards red carpets, Stephanie is a busy woman. Entrepreneurship is a big part of Stephanies life, and she showcases her creative niches online for everyone to enjoy. Something we can learn from watching Stephanie Vinos Instagram is that if you have a passion, live it everyday. Doing what you love will get you further than you may believe. Even as a traveling model, softball player, and ring girl, Stephanie prioritizes a little tool time whenever she can. Every Instagram model can be found posing in beautiful places on quality furniture, but Stephanie inspires women to create the ambiance of her photo shoots. Stephanie is definitely changing the modeling game, one coffee table at a time.