Gina Stewart, an Australian model that regularly appears on Instagram, has become an unlikely champion for censorship and ageism after Instagram may have unfairly deleted her photo.

She feels that this photo followed all their guidelines and rules and should not have been eliminated from the website.

First, she insists that she is fighting for everybody’s rights. If they can delete her photo, then they might start censoring people on Instagram as well as other social media outlets.

According to her and the Daily Mail, she is sure that the deleted photo followed their guidelines. She believes that the photo is quite tame in comparison to other photos that appear on Instagram. The photo showed no more than what swimsuit photos. She feels that the photo has been taken down for hypocritical reasons that she does not understand. She thinks that they are discriminating her due to her age. Censorship on Instagram should be an issue.
She believes what has happened to her is that the first time that in this time period that a celebrity like her has been shut down for PC reasons. Again, she is fighting for everyone’s right, not just her own.

According to the Daily Mail, this is not the first time that Gina Stewart has had problems with Instagram. Recently, she felt that she was shadow-banned by the website due to a
rtistic nude photo.

Instagram also recently had a protest outside their headquarters. The protest was being done by unhappy porn stars who feel that Instagram’s rules are too strict and that many of them have had their accounts suspended. These suspensions are hurting their ability to earn money.

Another unique thing about Gina Stewart is that she is a grandmother and she has two granddaughters. Her grandmother status is one of the reasons that she believes that Instagram is discriminating against her due to her age.

Gina Stewart has been on the Hot 100 Australia List that is featured in an issue of Maxim. She is well-known for putting pictures of herself on her Instagram page in which she does not wear much.

Stewart has a fan page that a person can find at @WorldsHottestGrandma.

The censorship of Stewart by Instagram may have begun recently, They may have interfered with her account titled @ginastewartofficial.

Stewart told Yahoo UK that her photos in Instagram have always been done in a glamorous way. She did follow the guidelines, but she still had five photos over the years. She feels that she has been search-banned, meaning that a person can only find her on Instagram if they type her full name.

She does feel that Instagram is not only discriminating against age. She thinks that Instagram is specifically going all females and that they censor men more than they do females. Instagram must be most eye popping.

She has come to the conclusion that Instagram is practicing ageism when it comes to her. She does not fit the social norms. They don’t like a woman that is the hottest grandmother and that does glamorous photos.

She has shared communications with people from Instagram that tells her that one of her photos has been deleted. She really does not understand why that particular photo has been deleted.

Stewart is not the only one that does not understand Instagram’s policies. Some users wonder why a recent Madonna, the singer, cover was not censored when it is showing the singer’s nipples.