When you see someone reporting the news, it’s often while that person is wearing a suit, dress or other garments that cover the body.

One woman decided to report the news while wearing a bathing suit. This decision proved to be embarrassing after something surprising happens. At one time, women did broadcast the news in clothing that blended with the surroundings of the environment.

There were even women who found it suitable to wear a Bathing Suit while being on television. However, there have been a few mishaps, many that can now be laughed at as videos have shown the funny moments.

The reporter’s name is Anna. She was at a water park while giving a report. One of the features of the broadcast involved going down a zip line over water as this was one of the rides at the park. She went down the zip line with no apparent issues, got out of the pool at the end of the line and got her microphone from her partner.

The anchorman was making a few statements about the woman’s bathing suit. She tried to ignore them but was later able to hear what was said after watching the video. Greg Kelly is the man making the comments, and they are embarrassing for Anna as she was simply trying to have fun while doing a report, not receive comments about what she was wearing.

The comments made also embarrassed Kelly as the video is now proof of the things that he said.

Gilligan existed to demonstrate how the park had actually been changed.

However if she believed the hardest part of her broadcast was going on among the flights and after that swimming survive on TELEVISION, she was incorrect.

After leaving the water, an uneasy Gilligan, who confessed was “frightening” that she needed to remove to a two-piece on air, went through some uncomfortable remarks from Kelly.

As she began the Tarzan trip, Kelly exclaimed: “Wow! here she goes, in a two-piece!”

And he could not include himself.

As Gilligan climbs up out of the water, he informs her: “To start with, great swimwear.”

She disregards the remark, however Kelly’s co-host Rosanna Scotto cautions him to “remain proper.”

He does not hearken the suggestions and continues with his cringey remarks.

When Gilligan states she will go and put some clothing on, Kelly informs her “Hang on a 2nd, no, not so quick Anna.”

He then falters to discover a concern to keep the speaker on air and gets another informing off from Scotto who even slaps him on the arm and informs him to “be great and stop milking this shot.”

Even then, he does not detect the hints and continues with the awkwardness.

The video camera operator even gets included by sparing Gilligan’s blushed and cutting to a shot of the swimming pool instead of the speaker in her two-piece.

When it returns to the Fox 5 studio, an appropriately ashamed Kelly informs Scotto, “do not be so opposing me.”

Previous Marine Kelly, the boy of NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly, was cleared of a rape claims back in 2012 and thanked Scotto then for her assistance.

Twitter users called Kelly “a creep,” “garbage” and harasser. Some connected the video to a current interview with the supposed rape victim. Yet Kelly did win a minimum of one fan in remarks under the YouTube video for showing “normal male habits.”