Sarah, 23, an Australian model says the pressure to stay thin led her to starve herself to meet the demands of the modeling business. Staying thin, along with having plastic surgery left her in more pain than ever, along with insecurities. Sarah shot an ad campaign for Billabong swimwear when she was 15-years old. Before this, during her growing up years, she was an outgoing tomboy. She loved to ride horses and spend her time outdoors. She also spent a great deal of time doing her school studies. This paid off. As a result, she earned a scholarship to study Applied Sciences. At this time she never dreamed of having a modeling career. However, she has become one of New Zealand’s most respected social media influencers. The internationally published model has amassed more than 2.2 million followers on her Instagram account.

The New Zealand born model said her diet, resulted in frequent weight fluctuation, causing her tissue to constrict. As a result, it moved upwards. The tissues then actually herniated. Besides the pain, there was the constant fear that the growth might be cancerous. Just a few days before her photoshoot Sarah had emergency surgery. It was necessary to remove the lump to make certain it was benign. Her decision to have augmentation surgery was because you can’t turn up for a shoot “with only one.” The whole situation happened exceptionally fast, she said. She knew that the surgery needed to be done and she felt it needed to be completed as soon as possible. Therefore, without considering any of the consequences she might face, she scheduled the date to undergo the knife. She said there was no time for her to research the procedure to learn about the consequences. Now, after the surgery, she says she is living in regret. The model went to DD cups through the cosmetic surgery. She was originally C-cups.

According to Sarah, the implants have ruined her life. She says she always wears clothing, in public, to cover them up. She explains that she is so paranoid about herself, although she is grateful that the lump was removed and the problem was fixed. She said the doctors never measured her chest so basically, the implants are too large for her chest plate. She says, as a result, “I’m pressing down on myself.” Now, over time, Sarah’s career has been affected due to the implants. She explained that she used to do glamour modeling. Now she is doing more commercial stuff.

To do this they need to strap herself down. She explained that they literally use masking tape and “strap myself down.” Recently, due to the tremendous discomfort, she has stopped doing shoots – for the present time. Sarah is making plans to have another operation. Her goal is to return to her natural look. Sarah said she wants to share her story so that others don’t make the same mistakes that she has made.