The international presence in the pooling of models is an eye-opening level of involvement. Countries of the world place their best foot forward when sharing some of these talents for all to surround. Social media has become a tool of promise that lends people in the direction of popular figures from across the globe. Creating connections from thousands of miles away is something that has come quite easy for Clara Lindblom. Lindblom was born in Sweden and hails her country as a region of influence for her terms of growth. There wasn’t much to spell her start within the industry. She had a passion for fashion at an early age, always playing dress-up with her dolls and friends. This area of focus would become her internal pursuit for developing and branding outfits that would be curated for women of all backgrounds. She wanted to become a designer, but settled for partnering with top sources in approval of their clothing lines.

Clara works primarily as a fashion model. She is a trend designer and a passionate artist. Many of the companies that she has worked with have given her options of creative difference, allowing her to strut her style and patterns with the world. Applying her fashion sense was met with her ability to keep an interested crowd. Her social media game was something that she had crafted far before she took to different areas of work. Building this sense of a security blanket would in turn lead to major successes spilling from her work and her following. She has over 2 million followers on Instagram and other social media platforms that count for nearly 1 million additional. These numbers place her in bracket-style competition with some of the brightest figures to ever call Sweden home.

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Staying true to her roots has always been an advance she has applied before her work. Keeping family and friends at the center of the discussion creates the balance needed to apply herself in all areas of influence. She is also one to foster interaction with others. Holding such a vast connection of followers has led for her to learn new languages in order to communicate with all sorts of people. Conversation is something that keeps her going. Having someone to talk to or invest her knowledge within keeps her moving. She also carries herself to prominent standards. The level of fame and fortune that has been brought her way would never change her into someone she is not. She remains down to earth despite her many levels of success. This is a bright portion in the career of someone who has some major pull in her region of birth. She is also one to give back and starts many initiatives looking out for the greater good of her community and world. Using her platform to reach others in a positive manner is all the fuel she needs to gas up and continue her strive for reaching as many people as she possibly can.