Exploring the world of beauty comes with many different approaches. You have the stylish look of fashion trends and the picturesque views applied by photographers. Each element comes in different styles, tones, shades. Shelby is bringing the world a collection of elements in her own, unique way. Shelby is a native of Chicago, Illinois, home to one of the largest fashion conglomerates East of the Mississippi River.

Growing up with exposure to many different cultures and aspects of fashion, beauty, and art, Shelby started to dream of what it would be like to combine these worlds into a career-focused approach. She started with a fashion-forward approach to the styles that were prominent a few years back. Switching the focus to add her touches of excellence quickly caught the attention of many fashion icons. She has spent a few years procuring her ideas and has been contracted with a few different prominent agencies that gave notice to her style techniques.

Shelby is also a renounced model who has been featured throughout many different magazine titles and online web publications. Her work often features her as the main character in the shoot, but she also brings in other talents to model her personal workings. Her work is a timeless look at the fashion styles of old. She combines these ideas and forms her own product lines to feature pieces of past eras and genres.

Beyond her successful modeling and fashion career, Shelby is an avid writer. She mainly writes small scripts for her product lines and other fashion news. Most of these writing pieces come in the format of articles, but she has also been sponsored to do some interviews with some major companies. Her most famous introduction to the world of fashion was when she was invited to go to the Grammy Awards. She shared her experience with her visit on her social media platforms. While she does have a small following on social media platforms, this element of her fan base continues to grow. She recently started her Instagram page, which holds just north of 50,000 followers. Her content remains tame and her production pieces are truly eye-catching for fans. Fans of her work often frequent her design websites where she sells some pieces from her personal collections and routes all her personal media platforms.

She is also an activist, utilizing her platform to serve a greater good. She is not one to shy away from speaking her find, but she does so in a positive manner. Filling the world with peace and positivity is a good way to define her internal makeup. All of her social media pages are very interactive towards fans and subscribers. The biggest avenue for her content can be linked-to her web addresses or her Instagram page. She neatly defines all of her photo albums and each contain their own levels of grace and beauty. She will continue to re-create new ways to explore the world of fashion and beauty.