Some drivers on a Moscow street got more than they bargained for recently when a sewage truck experienced a malfunction that sent tons of raw sewage spraying into the air and dousing nearby cars.

It was an epic moment caught on video by some of those fortunate enough to escape being covered with the smelly mess. Sewage trucks are used all over the world to pump tanks and drainage systems that contain human waste.

These trucks use a vacuum that is created by pressurization of the inside of the tank built on the the truck.

This pressure gives the hoses on the truck power and allows them to withdraw waste from city sewers. As these unlucky Moscow residents discovered, when the pressure is not released from the truck before transport things can get ugly.

It can also be dangerous to drivers. Many drivers have been injured when caps blow off of sewage trucks. Drivers must be trained to remove pressurization from the sewage truck and get themselves into the habit of doing it properly each time.

Otherwise, accidents like this one in Moscow are prone to happen, leaving behind a smelly mess that also potentially poses health risks to those who come in contact with it.