You may have seen people on social media and in real life with semicolon tattoos.

People are making a powerful statement with those tattoos.

Amy Bluel is the person who started this trend. She lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin. In 2013, her life took a tragic turn for the worst when she lost her father. He committed suicide.

Amy wanted to honor her father by starting a non-profit organization called Project Semicolon. This is an organization that restore confidence in people who suffer from drug addiction, depression and self-harm.

People are encouraged to tattoo or draw a semicolon on their body. Amy explained the meaning of the semicolon on her website. She stated that the semicolon signifies that difficulties are not the ending of life.
They are just a beginning.

She hopes that Project Semicolon will inspire people to have an open dialogue about their mental health. Many people have shared their stories on the Project Semicolon website.

Amy wants people to know that there are other people in the world who are dealing with similar issues.