You may have seen men with a painted fingernail.

These men are not trying to make a fashion statement. They are raising awareness about an important issue. These men are a part of the Polished Man Organization.

They are raising awareness about children who are sexually-abused. This organization started with a man named Elliot Costello. When he was traveling to Cambodia, he met a little girl named Thea.

This little girl had a sad story to tell. She was living in poverty and had suffered severe abuse. The girl was 10-years-old and been abused since she was eight.

The girl did not seem to have a way out before she met Elliot. He discovered that the older men in Thea’s family were the ones abusing her. Elliot was inspired to make a difference, which is why he started the Polished Man Project.

Elliot wants people to know that though most men do not sexually-abuse children. However, 90 percent of child sexual abuse cases are perpetrated by men.

He has stated that men have a responsibility to raise awareness about childhood sexual abuse. The organization has raised over $70,000 so far.

The money that the organization raises will help children get the resources that they need to overcome sexual abuse.