There are quite a few frightening attractions in the world, but none might be as scary as one that was recently built in China.

It’s a long sky walk that curves around a mountain. Walking next to a mountain is terrifying enough for most people, but there is one thing about the walk that some might not know.

It has a clear base, which means that you see clear to the bottom of the mountain while walking on the bridge.

Those who walk on the walkway are suspended about 4,600 feet up in the air. There are rails on both sides of the walkway, but they do little in the way of providing protection for those who have a fear of heights or those who don’t want to look down to a point where they think that they are falling to the ground below.

Some people take selfies while on the walkway while others simply want to make it from one end to another. When you look over the side or through the glass bottom, you will see that the mountain spans straight down.

There is often fog that rolls along the base of the mountain. The glass is thick, which makes it less likely to break, but it takes a few nerves to get across for some people.