Instagram model Natasha Oakley explains how her life on beautiful beaches at dream locations is not as simple as it seems. For the majority of a year’s time, Natasha is far away from her Los Angeles home. All of her time is spent hauling bikinis to luxurious pools, remote islands, and pristine beaches. It sounds like a vacation lifestyle, but Natasha has admitted that she has not “had a holiday in about five years”. She says her lifestyle is quite unique. Her team gets to travel and arrive at the most scenic places, but then there’s lots of work to be done. Natasha further explains “It’s easy to confuse a holiday and being in amazing locations that is actually work”. Her work days these past several years have included Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.

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Oakley initially became famous when her and her business partner friend Devin Brugman started the website A Bikini A Day back in 2012. The social media account and website documents photos of the pair traveling the world, catching sun, and taking glamorous photos while in their bikinis. The photos are then posted on their channels for all 652 thousand Instagram fans to view and envy. Oakley says those posts require a major sacrifice including being away from your home and family. You’re also in charge of your own success, so you must have lots of drive and be persistent. She says you’re also on a plane sometimes back-to-back, parting from your home for nine months out of the year. Oakley mentioned that the places they visit are quite amazing and the two of them are very happy that they’ve made it this far, but they have sacrificed: “But we have done a lot of really hard work… been very persistent and passionate about what we do.” The passionate business partners wound up starting their own swimsuit brand called Monday Swimwear and activewear, which represents a flattering and comfortable fit. The two of them have worked with some of the largest swimwear brands in the market.

Another obstacle to get through is random attacks from gossip media. A year ago, an Australian media outlet accused Oakley of photoshopping her Instagram posts. The publication alleged that “untouched photos” showed Oakley’s thighs with cellulite, and compared that photo to Oakley’s normally flawless Instagram pictures. Oakley announced to her 1.9 million followers that the publication body shamed her, and should be writing about more inspiring material instead. Oakley claimed the publication failed to support her as a role model for other young girls.

Additionally, Oakley mentioned that she doesn’t retouch any of her photos other than adding “good filters”. Oakley says she knows how to pose, use a camera, and take a great photo. She feels her filters and good scenery are all she needs to produce a top quality picture. In Oakley’s most recent Bonds collaboration she mentioned how thrilled she was to be a part of the brand’s campaign: “When I was a teenager all I wore was Bonds.” She feels that she is aligned with brand in various ways and the brand is really iconic. Oakley has been announced as the new ambassador for Bonds Mashi underwear campaign.