Antje Utgaard is an American model that some people are saying is the next big thing. She’s also an actress, and she’s known for having an exciting and popular Instagram. She was born in 1994 in New Richmond, Wisconsin, in the United States.

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The magazine that was calling her the next big thing was the a famous magazine, from the United States. Currently, her net worth is around $400,000. She’s been in the movie Sable as well as the TV show called The Richy Show. The money she’s made so far was from both acting and modeling. She’s famous for wearing her big tied off white shirts and a hat in exotic locations. This is well over the average of about $40,000 or so. She’s constantly getting offers from many different brands these days.

Her parents are named Kimberly and Stuart, and her birthplace was in Wisconsin around a town called Star Prarie. She moved to New Richmond to go to high school. Eventually, she went to college at the University of Minnesota to get a degree in Fashion MerchandisingAfter that, it was time to go straight to L.A. in California to start up her modeling career. Another thing that’s unusual about her is that she hasn’t had any rumors of a boyfriend of any kind yet.

Usually, fashion models have lots of boyfriends both past and present and are seen in the company of good looking and wealthy men. It’s certainly possible, of course, that she’s hiding a significant other and is just too new for anyone to know anything about her yet. Other interesting facts about her include that she has the height that’s considered perfect for female models, namely 5 feet and ten inches. She also has a naturally slim body. Before becoming a model, she did sales and also worked as a bartender. Her parents are Scandinavia, which should be readily apparent from the name. She’s been in many magazines, of course, but she’s also been in Maxim and The Chiv.

Antje has backed many different brands with a lot of variety. Currently, she has 1.8 million followers on Instagram, with no sign of this slowing down at all.

Her photos have a lot of variety to them and tend to show her in various states of undress. In some, she’s wearing football jerseys and carrying a football. In others, she’s on a bed, or even just wearing overalls. She has at least one where she’s wearing a denim jacket and jeans and sitting on the back of a motorcycle. Many are fitness-oriented like the one where she’s bending her feet over her head on a yoga matt outside on a lawn, for example. This variety and rising popularity are why people are saying that she’s like the next big thing. Obviously, the only way to be sure of that is to wait and see.