There have been numerous stories written about the Dead Sea and a huge variety of beauty and skin care products developed from this precious salt lake. Many tourists stop by the iconic body of water to absorb its alleged healthy nutrients and almost magical powers.

For example, one couple was excited to visit the Dead Sea in Jordan and discover for themselves if it were true about the high salt content in the water. This perfect, high salt ratio from nature allows anyone and everyone to float upon the Dead Sea without even trying.

Even if you’re unable to swim, there’s no fear, because this water will make you pleasantly buoyant. Samra in a black bikini, decided to walk into the Dead Sea up to her thighs, as her partner took video of the gorgeous mountains of Jordan in the distance and the almost endless miles of beaches around them.

Samra then announced, “I’m gonna show you how cool it is to swim here. Look,” and with that, the young woman suddenly fell back and began floating through no effort of her own.

“I’m totally floating,” she exclaimed. “It’s crazy,” and her smiling partner agreed, telling Samra that the Dead Sea is 30 times more buoyant that normal ocean water. Samra advises to just lay back and relax, because it doesn’t take much effort.

The Dead Sea is located more than 400 meters below sea level and contains luxurious, black mud that is made into many spa and therapeutic products.