Applying the term “edgy” to modeling is something that has been consistent with the branding techniques of the industry. Promoters are always looking for that next big hit that will take their brand to new heights. For Viki Odintcova, a photoshoot would help uplift her career to new heights. Viki decided to take her career to new heights, literally. She took her photographer and her modeling team to the top of a skyscraper in Dubai. The turn of events that happened next would help to define her career. She was walk up the edge of the overlook and take the hand of her producer. She would press her heels firmly into the concrete that overlooked Dubai and lean backward through this glass-less window. The shot is incredible and the wherewithal needed to produce this content is next level in terms of modeling.

This was one of the most daring feats of Viki’s career. She featured a pretty harmless life up to this point. Her daredevil capabilities are mirrored by a progressive career in television. She has hosted television programs and has featured small roles on the big screen. One thing is for certain, Viki is not camera shy. She had already amassed over 3 million followers prior to her record photoshoot. Applying to the aftermath of the shoot was an increase in fan support. She now holds a very prominent role in the world of Instagram, reaching ever so closely to 5 million followers. Her multiple platforms have written her successes prior to daring photo sessions. She is of Russian descent and can be linked to many different major labels coming in-country and extends her platform on a global outreach scale. Her popularity on the global circuit has helped her secure many roles in the world of modeling and expand her portfolio into additional worlds of media success.

Her success has been scattered from local reports to mass media productions. Some of her work scales to brands that she has influenced from start-up to stardom. Each time she links her brand and her likeness to a company, their profit margins skyrocket. Everything she touches seems to turn to gold in the world of business. Fans of her work come from all different backgrounds. Many enjoy the exhilarating off-set that she applies to a tame demeanor. This helps to apply to all facets of individuals. She is very accommodating to her fans, sharing Instagram stories and photo albums that great detail any projects or involvements that she is currently featuring.

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Самая главная ошибка заключается в том, что очень часто мы стоим на месте из-за своих страхов. Иди туда, где охватывает страх. Там ты и обретёшь силу. ( книга Джима Лоулесса. Для тех, кому актуальна тема)👍🏾 Photo by @mavrin 📍 @youandmemaldives #youandmemaldives

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Her work is an open book for fans to explore. Leaving the access portal open for conversation has made her a very approachable personality. After applying herself to a feat that is deemed as both daring and lucrative, she was able to showcase a side to her personality that many were not aware of. This is how Viki keeps things interesting with her fans and the media. Keeping people on edge and never knowing what is coming next creates a small spell of excitement within this Russian star.