There are so many up and coming IG models that have added value to the internet community not only with their beautiful pictures but also with their magnificent down to earth personalities. One of those famous social media personalities is Julianne (@Juli.annee) who is renown for her bewitching modeling photographs and her beautiful relationship with her beloved daughter.

Julianne is not only an Instagram persona, but she is also a professional American Model and has created a massive following for herself. She was born in California and is a mixture of Portuguese and German. There has not been much known about this beautiful independent Goddess until today when she has decided to reveal personal details about herself to her darling fans through a QandA on her Instagram.

Here is part of this fan Q&A which includes some very personal and some uncomfortable questions which she answered with confidence and a benevolent personality:

What’s your proudest personal achievement after becoming famous?

A: Being able to provide for my daughter while working from home and not needing anyone to support me

Was your daughter a mistake or?

A: she was hands down the best thing that ever happened to me, cliche, but true, before her I had no one. Now I have her

Where are you from?

A: a small town in Nor called Tracy

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

A: hang out with my daughter

You have Portuguese nationality?

A: Yesss half Portuguese and half German

With the opportunity youve been given, is it hard to balance the IG lifestyle and being a mom?

A: Yes and no. The ability to work from home is amazing… it’s just hard to juggle between the two but I’ve blessed with the opportunity.

What’s something you wish you had that you dont have now?

A: There’s nothing I can think of. I came from nothing, and now I have everything. Everything is based on your perception

How much do you love chicken nuggets? Lol

A: contrary to popular belief, not that much

How come you dont post any pictures of your daughter if I may ask you?

A: Because I get reported and my profile gets taken down for 9 months last year. Unfortunately, sick people were reporting her posts so I couldnt associate her with my IG anymore

How do you explain your job to your daughter?

A: That Im a model.. and shes happy that I work from home and dont have to put her in freaking daycare from 9-5 lmao. Moms can be hot too. Your mom probably wore a bikini to the beach when she was in her 20s as well Lmao, this question is so annoying.

You have daddy issues, but where is your daughters father? I hope you let her spend time with him.

A: He lives in another state regardless, I would never keep her from her father however him not living here means she doesnt see him much.

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What do you do when youre not working?

A: literally work while my daughters at school. Then get her from school, go home, help with homework, hang out with her a bit, make dinner, get her ready for bed then repeat.

Lol, some that follow you are like moral police but yet follow you! Confused

A: Right! It makes no sense. I do have morals though I could be doing way worse things. I work from the confinement of my own home. Everyone takes selfies but when I do it and make a living from it Im somehow worse than your mom on Facebook?

Honestly cant wait till your daughter grows up and looks at the older posts on your IG

A: aweee. i miss sharing that part of my life with you guys.

Any bad habits youre trying to break?

A: falling for fuck boys

Not a question. Try joining a dating site haha

A: dont personally think dating sites would work for me. I also never really do much outside my home so at this point I may just be single for life but Im coming to terms with that.

Whats your zodiac sign?

A: I’m a libra aka best sign every haha

What’s one thing you hate (anything)?

A: close-minded people

Is it hard to be a young mother?

A: it was when she was a baby and I was taking care of her on my own but it’s gotten easier as time has passed.

Would you want your daughter to have the same job like you when she grows up?

A: id rather her do whatever SHE WANTS TO DO! I accept her for whoever she decides to be. I could care less about what her occupation is as long as shes happy.

I’m a Libra too! Whats one thing that people dont understand about us?

A: we hate conflict! Some signs just wanna keep pushing us and its the worst because I dont wanna fight!

Any fond memories from high school?

A: No, high school sucked for me I was bullied and then went into home school. Now everyone who bullied me- hits me up and acts like we were cool. I dont hold grudges but if its a hard no for me dawg! If youre being bullied – try and remember theyre unhappy with themselves. Feel bad for them they clearly need sympathy.

Have you ever enjoyed the outdoor life, like camping?

A: yes I grew up camping every couple of months in Yosemite!

Tell me something about your personality that you dont like.

A: Im naive when It comes to people taking advantage of me. I trust people too easily.

What other job choices would youve considered if you werent an IG model?

A: A baker. Baking cakes got a little messy swipe up and be apart of it.

Its wild how many single questions youre getting! Like uh, strong independent woman!!!

A: Right! I dont need no man! Im fine being single.

Have you ever been in a polyamorous relationship? Would you consider it?

A: yes but Im a very jealous person so it didnt work out.

Favorite cheat meal?

A: taco bell or in-n-out burger, or shake shack.

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What do you do to stay positive when dealing with social media?

A: Remember opinions are just that and dont define who I am. My online persona doesnt define who I am in real life.

If you were to be in a relationship again, what qualities would you look for in a person?

A: honest, mature, funny and respectful

You are amazing and seriously beautiful! Opinion on long-distance relationships?

A: I was actually in a serious relationship for two years with someone who lived far away… It was great! Im independent and love my space. I feel like the two people need to be confident and loyal otherwise it wouldnt work.

Can you share a little more of your personal life like your day today?

A: so! I usually wake up a little earlier than Kyli does, which means I come to chat with you guys (usually my only fans area) then Ky wakes up, make breakfast write in our gratitude journal, thennn either determine whether the day will be a lazy day or a fun day.. today my mom and little brother are coming over so we will be just hanging out at my home which means tomorrow we will do something fun! School days are more structured obviously but weekends are easy!

What do you usually cook for your daughter to eat?

A: Shes not picky at all so she usually eats whatever I make for myself! She loves everything other than fish which I dont like either so it’s perfect

Why didnt you use a protection while having sex or you were unaware?

A: I was on birth control I ain’t mad though. Im so happy my birth control wasnt working because I was blessed.

Side Note from Model: One more thing to add to the person who thinks Im being bitchy Im being vulnerable and open to 100s of thousands of people right now. And some of these questions are very demanding. Okay bye!

Do you still use birth control?

A: No Im abstinent. Cant get pregnant if youre not with anyone.

Why are people such jerks behind a phone screen!? I hope your weekend is full of love/fun!

A: Lol! Right! People can be jerks in person too but more so behind a screen! If I was voicing these answers and you couldnt hear my tone of voice, I dont think Id come off bitchy Im a very sarcastic person guy and maybe my humor is dry.

Why fuck boys over legit fellas?

A: I attract them I guess. San Diego doesnt have many legit guys or at least from what Ive experienced.

How much did your lovely boobies cost? Silicone or saline? What size was you pre?

A: They are gummy bear silicone implants aka soft and natural. And I got 475ccs

How was the transition back to school for you and your daughter? Is she excited?

A: she wasnt that stoked, to be honest! But after her first day, she got really excited and loved it! The first days can be never wracking.

Whats the best thing about you that a post just cant show?

A: theres a lot that a picture doesnt show me as a mom, me as a daughter, as a friend. As a human!

Thanks for sharing so much about yourself with these questions. You are spectacular.

A: Thank you guys for being so awesome and supportive! I love you guys even you haters!

After you got to know you were pregnant what all problems you faced?

A: I found out who my true friends were I lost all my friends because they were partying and I was pregnant I was young and on my own. However, it brought my mom and I together silver lining in everything.

So who else helps take care of your daughter? Only asked cuz of your previous response.

A: No one. Single mom all on my own. Her grandparents watch her if I need a babysitter overnight but thats not often. Maybe once every two weeks.

Whats the meaning behind your butterfly tattoo?

A: Kyis footprints made into a butterfly. We went to a mommy and me class when she was just a baby and that was the first craft we made together and I just fell in love.

Whats harder being a single mother? Or dealing with dumbass interest people?


What would it take to get you out of the house more?

A: I deal with alot of anxiety. Its something Ive been dealing with a lot lately. But it’s getting better.

Would you help a new mom out? How did you find your confidence again?

A: it took me a while after Kyli was born to be confident again! Take a day at a time and remember youre beautiful and carried a baby for 9 (actually 10) months! Give yourself at least 9 (10) months to bounce back. Try eating as healthy as possible! I breastfed my daughter so that made me bounce back super fast because it burned like 1500 calories a day!!!

Thanks for sharing about your anxiety! What helps you? Why do you think you have it?

A: I just started working out again and I feel like thats been helping a lot. I feel like a lot of it comes from the pressure I give myself on an everyday level. Also getting out of a toxic relationship/friendship which has been super draining. Leaving my house is hard because if Im not feeling 100% then I dont feel like being out in public to be completely honest. I also use cod oil that helps a lot which I bought from @lashes_makeup_bycc

Do you get recognized when your out just being Mom you and do you like people to say hi when they do?

A: I do love it! She always gets a little awkward because it happens a lot and shes usually just standing there while I take a pic with them but I think shes getting used to it! And it happens the most when Im out with her because Im always with her.

Youre a wonderful person most important is that youre independent. Your life is inspiring

A: thank you so much for your kind words! I used to open up more to you guys and stopped sharing a couple years ago but Im learning to open up more. I appreciate everyone being so kind, yall really are the best!

Youve made it very clear that youre not just an IG model, youre a loving and caring mother as well.

A: Aweee! Thank you. Im happy you can recognize that. Shes my other half.

Do you plan to write a book about you?

A: OMGOSH! IM HONORED YOU think Im that interesting but the thought has never crossed my mind. Maybe ill start a blog to share with you guys.

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How to talk to girls although I have anxiety?

A: I cant really help with this either because I too have social anxiety but I feel like what helps me open up in social settings is being myself.

I’m afraid of asking a girl out on a date. Do you have advice based on your experience?

A: I can only speak for myself but I love a man who knows what he wants and makes the effort. Be confident in yourself and ask Im sure shes waiting for you.

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You dont attract fuck boys, they approach you whereas the legit ones are too shy to talk.

A: it’s funny because it’s true.

Do you find it difficult to balance your IG persona and your personal life?

A: Yes, people mistake my online persona for who I am in real life. My real personality is shy and pretty conservative my online persona is the complete opposite. Im like two different people.

Would you like your daughter to follow your steps in the modeling world???

A: Id like her to do whatever shed like to do. If this is what she wants to pursue Im all on board. Maybe if we all had support for one another than the world would be more positive/ less judge place.

I have a 2-year-old and pregnant and my narcissist e made m feel less of myself!
A: Girllll you and me both! It’s so manipulative and Im still recovering from it. What helped me is following a bunch of positivity Instagram pages. Its helped A LOT! Reading positive affirmations every day can definitely remind you of your worth.

It seems that Julianne is a very supportive and attentive personality to her fanclub. Her concern and openness is refreshing, and her advice is priceless. To see more of Julianne and her exclusive fan Q&A check out her instagram! @Juli.annee