Last week in Aleppo, Syria an emotional rescue of an infant girl drew worldwide attention.

A member of the “White Hats”, the group of Syrian civil defense workers who help rescue people from the rubble after bombings, openly wept as he observed an infant reviving in his arms. Together with several others, he had dug the baby out from a mass of debris.

Her family perished in the bombing attack yet she struggled for life. Efforts by the Russian government to dislodge rebels from portion of Aleppo have contributed to very hazardous conditions for many civilians on the ground.

Despite the objections of the United States, which has expressed concern for the population of the beleaguered city, forces supporting the Syrian government have engaged in air raids.

ISIS fighters infiltrated heavily populated areas of the old city, a town constructed with many aging buildings. Large numbers of civilian casualties have created a nightmarish scene at local hospitals, with many families devastated by losses.

The rescuers who successfully retrieved the one month old child from the site of a bombing and placed her in an ambulance celebrated the survival of the baby, who at first appeared so close to death.

Her face slightly bloody from lacerations, she revived and began crying as the relieved rescue workers hurried to apply disinfectants to her wounds. Her survival, and that of other civilians saved from the debris, represent a ray of hope in a very badly hurt city.