Thirteen year old, Gabbie Fedro, received her very first cell phone this past Christmas. Her parents had discussed it and decided that she was old enough to have one, so they purchased the LG d500 for her through T-Mobile.

One day, Jackie Fedro heard her daughter screaming from her bedroom. Gabbie had been talking on the cell phone, and when Jackie ran up the stairs to check on her daughter she discovered that the phone had burned her daughter’s neck.

How did this happen? Gabbie’s cell phone was plugged into the charger while she was using it. The charger’s cord accidentally brushed against Gabbie’s necklace, which sent an electric current around her neck and caused the burns. Jackie said Gabbie was in so much pain that she was screaming hysterically.


Later, Jackie contacted both LG and T-Mobile to try to work something out with one of the companies so her daughter could get a new phone. LG never responded, but T-Mobile did.

T-Mobile offered to pay for Gabbie’s medical expenses in addition to sending her a new phone. All they asked in return was that Jackie ship the old phone back them so they could run tests on it.

T-Mobile’s response was very kind, but Gabbie’s injuries should serve as a warning to all of us. Cell phone injuries may be rare, but they can happen. Jackie urges everyone else who uses a cell phone to be extra cautious in hopes that they and their loved ones can stay safe.