Most people use clothespins to hang clothing on a line. There is an amazing trick using the pins if you put them on the air vents in the home.

This simple life hack can help to eliminate some of the odors in the home that you don’t know how to treat. Rub your favorite essential oil over the clothespin. You can soak the pin in the oil, but it might make the smell top strong for some family members of pets. The pins can also be placed in the car. Once the pin is covered, simply clip it to the vent of the air conditioning unit.

When the air comes on, the scent is circulated throughout the entire home. From the kitchen to the bathroom, you’ll be able to smell a brilliant odor instead of those from pets or from food that might have been left on the burner too long.

The best thing about this idea is that you can easily change the scents in the home. Use lighter fragrances in the spring and summer and warm scents in the fall and winter. An idea is to use peppermint or a pine fragrance around Christmas so that the home has a festive feel.