Cellulite is commonly recognized as a condition where the skin dimples, giving it a lumpy appearance. The exact cause of cellulite is unknown. However, poor diet, slow metabolism, and lack of physical activity are known to contribute to the higher risk of getting cellulite. Affecting 80 to 90 percent of women (men can get it too), there are varying severities of cellulite that are graded by a scale of 1 through 3. This “validated photonumeric cellulite severity scale” grades the severity of cellulite through the following: Grade 1 (mild), Grade 2 (moderate), and Grade 3 (severe). Each grade level specifies the appearance of the cellulite, the number of depressions on the skin, and the severity of the draping of the skin.

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About a year ago I was asked by an agency to come in for a casting. It was my first one ever and I was SO excited that this agency saw my body and wanted to give me a chance. I drove with my mum for about three hours and was so nervous to even go in. I spoke to the casting director for maybe 5 minutes before she measured my height and weighed me. She then proceeded to tell me that my boobs were too big and I was too short to be a model for them. I left feeling so confused and disheartened until Id finally realised what had just happened. When the shock left I burst into tears to my mum. Why am I not good enough?. This agency also claimed they were a body positive agency which made me feel even worse about the whole situation. Today… well today here I am. With a beautiful agency @neonmodelmanagement , who accept me for who I am. Who have said NOTHING but lovely things about my body. Im so glad that small changes are happening within the industry. Im so proud that agencies are promoting ACTUAL body positivity. Not just saying they are inclusive and only taking size 6 and size 16s. Small steps baby!! ?? Thanks for today @neonmodelmanagement you gems ! ?

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Today, we take a look at a well-known Instagram swimwear model, who isn’t afraid to show off her cellulite. Australian model and social media influencer, Ariella Nyssa, has over 200,000 followers on her Instagram page. Known for her unapologetic selfies and swimwear modeling photos, Ariella Nyssa poses, shoots, then uploads her pictures online, cellulite and all. She’s come along way from when she first began as a social media influencer and model. You see, years ago Ariella didn’t have the confident, bold, and care-free attitude towards her body like she does today. A few years ago, Ariella “hated” her cellulite because it made her insecure. Because of this, she decided to go on a life-changing journey to get rid of what she called an “unhealthy” and “unattractive flaw.” For many who have seen the Instagram post will know that she went through a rigorous regime that included “cutting out all the foods she loved” and only doing cardio exercises at the gym. Although this may sound like the average game plan for many who wish to get rid of cellulite from their bodies, for Ariella her regime left her “tired and weak.” She says that her “immune system” and her “mental health” were both at an “all time low.” One day, she realized that cellulite did not make her unattractive when thinking about what cellulite is. She immediately stopped her strenuous regime without discontinuing routine exercise. She has modified her physical activity to focus on “weight training” and self-love. With this new focus and transition, Ariella’s mental health improved and now loves her body. She admits that throughout her journey in trying to relentlessly get rid of cellulite from her body, helped her to practice a more active and healthier lifestyle. After all this, the cellulite never went away, but she has learned to accept it and “love her body.”

To this day, many still leave negative comments about her body on social media, but that doesn’t damper her newfound confidence. She says comments generally talk about being “lazy” and being “unhealthy” were the reasons why she had cellulite. To that, she replies in saying that she still has cellulite today, even though she is at her “healthiest” she’s ever been, both “physically and mentally.” She also goes on to say that while “observing fellow beachgoers” one day she noticed the same signs of insecurity she had years before. She states, “I used to be one of those people.” Today, she encourages herself and others to be “confident” because “your body deserves to be loved by you “