Breaking into the world of music can be a difficult proposition due to the problem of finding a way to present that talent to the right people.

Those individuals in position to make decisions are inundated with requests from countless people who may or may not have talent, which makes them reluctant to truly search for those who have true talent.

In the case of a British woman in Montreal who was playing music on a city street, she was the fortunate recipient of a celebrity listener. While the woman, named Poppy, performed for the passing crowd, the singer, Seal, happened to hear her. Impressed by her talent and recalling the fact that his early days began in similar fashion, he filmed her for 12 minutes and even performed the song, “I Shot the Sheriff,” with the woman.

Poppy indicated that she had grown up in England and found her way to Montreal in an effort to break into the musical business. Poppy made that attempt by engaging in the practice of “busking,” which is a term describing individuals who perform music on city streets.

Despite the fact that she displayed a strong voice, she indicated that she was primarily interested in simply writing music. Seal expressed his belief that she had the ability to also make it as a performer and has since made an effort to provide her with potential opportunities.

One way she gained additional recognition was by Seal telling her story during his subsequent local concert.