When former teen sensation David Cassidy struggled at a recent show in California, fans became concerned he had relapsed into alcoholism again. The 66-year-old singer was disoriented and could not recall the lyrics of his songs. After the show, Cassidy admitted he was suffering from dementia. The disease runs in Cassidy’s family.

His grandfather had it, and his mother died from it five years ago. Cassidy said he was in denial about the disease for many years but finally realized the impact it was having on his personal life and career. Right before the California show, he told his fans that it would be his final performance.

Cassidy added that he wants to relax and enjoy the love and years he has left with no distractions or pressure to go on stage. Cassidy rose to fame in the early 1970s when he played Keith Partridge on The Partridge Family television series.

He also had his own band and toured the world. In later years, he made numerous guest appearances on popular shows such as The Love Boat, Fantasy Island and Blossom. Cassidy also spoke publicly about his mother’s battle with dementia in an attempt to remove stigma about the disease.