The holiday season brings more than presents and time with family. It also brings a variety of illnesses.

There are many people who think that they have the flu or a cold, but in reality, they might have something that is much worse. Those who have had a cough for a few weeks and think that it’s the flu should consider visiting a doctor for testing.

Kristen Bush is one who has tried to get relief from the symptoms that she’s experienced for a few weeks. Her symptoms started with a sore throat. She went to the doctor, but her strep test and flu test were all negative.

She got a cough and lost her voice. Doctors want those who have these symptoms to know that it’s likely not the flu. This is likely an upper respiratory viral infection.

It’s something that could be related to the change of the seasons. Antibiotics won’t work on the virus. Anything that is viral won’t respond to an antibiotic. For most people, drinking orange juice and increasing the amount of vitamin C in the body can help to defeat the virus.

It might take a few weeks to get over the symptoms, but with rest and proper care, you can begin to feel better.