Trying to make her sphynx cat look “as glamorous as her” has backfired for Elena Ivanickaya, while she is now under an investigation for animal cruelty. Elena is a Ukranian bodybuilder and a fitness athlete who decided to have her cat tattooed with a winged Anubis, which is an Egyptian god, on the chest of the cat. Sphynx cats are a hairless breed of cat, completely exposing the skin of the entire body. This makes the tattooing of the cat easier to do, as there is no hair in the way and the tattoo will always be able to be visible. Once the images of Elena’s cat showed up online, she started getting slammed by her followers who were saying that she had tortured her cat. Animal activists also jumped in, exclaiming that the sphynx spent the worst hours of its life during the tattooing session.

Elena claimed that her cat was not actually harmed and her cat leads a rather glamorous life, while getting to enjoy things such as eating fresh oysters. Elena also made claims that a veterinarian not only approved of the tattoo but also was present alongside the sphynx cat during the entire tattooing session. Due to this, Elena stated that the whole procedure was completely controlled. During the entire procedure, the cat was actually under general anesthesia. It is because of this that Elena claims the cat was not in any pain or discomfort. Elena also noted that her cat went right back to acting completely normal once the procedure was over and the cat was back awake. In addition, Elena stated that her cat was not in any way harmed during this process. The images that surfaced of the cat during the procedure shows that the cat is visibly unconscious, just as Elena stated.

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Мой бандит 🐱 @yasha_kot_ In ancient Egypt, the Sphinx was considered a demigod and personified wisdom and royal power. Images of sphinxes were placed on the door leading to the treasury. On the chest of Yasha Anubis is the Egyptian god, who had a human body with a jackal head. The ancient Egyptians recognized him as a conductor transporting the dead to the afterlife, so he was the keeper of poisons, drugs, patron of necropolises, cemeteries, judge of the realm of the [email protected]_kot_ #сфинкстату #сфинксстату#яшасфинкс#лысыйкот #котлысый #catsphynxs#sfs#sphynxcat#сфинксы#сфинкс#лысыекошки#одесса#яшанаморе#mantra#котстату#сфинкстату#татуировкинаживотных#яшакот#котэ#дети#бемененость#сфинкскотята#котятакиев#сфинкскиев

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While the tattoo was done on the top layer of skin and only 1-2 millimeters deep, this is still an investigation that is in the process of being dealt with. Police are investigating whether or not that this was indeed animal cruelty. If they do find that this was a case of animal cruelty, Elena will be facing charges. Elena stands by her decision of tattooing her sphynx cat and even claimed that her cat is happier and has a better life than those who are attacking her choice of tattooing her cat. Elena claims that she treats her cat with love and care and that her cat enjoys life. Elena’s sphynx even has its own instagram page where fans and others are able to follow the cat’s life.

Whether or not this turns into an animal cruelty case, there are strong opinions on both sides of the issue and law enforcement will make the final decision on what is going to happen. Elena stands by her decision and stands by her statement that her cat is very well loved and cared for while followers and animal activists stand by their opinion that this is animal cruelty and that Elena needs to be charged. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but the law does need to be followed, especially in the case of animal love and care. Be sure to follow the outcome of this situation to find out what the final verdict by law enforcement will end up being.