The internet can be such a great tool to communicate with many people around the world. Along with great benefits that the internet has to offer, it also carries many setbacks. The internet can also become a gateway for constant criticism and comments from strangers all around the world. Many online users have received backlash for sharing their most personal stories, pictures, and everyday lifestyles, and this expecting mother is no exception.

Twenty-eight year old Hannah Polites, an Australian bikini model, famous Instagram influencer, and mother of two, has been bombarded with critiques and comments about her abnormally large baby bump. After posting her picture of her baby bump on Instagram, her followers kept asking Polites if she was sure “there weren’t two in there” and showed concern for her health during pregnancy. Her massive baby bump was of no health risks to Polites and the baby. The reason for her baby bump to be that enormous for her body was that her second child named Arlo was a pretty big baby. When Arlo was born, he weighed 450 grams (1 pound) bigger than his older sister, Evaliah. After going into labor and giving birth to Arlo, Polites wrote to her followers about her recovery and posted two side-by-side pictures at thirty-six weeks pregnant and two weeks postpartum. But this is not the first time the mother of two has received criticism while pregnant.

Polites also received negative comments and feedback on the Instagram uploads from her pregnancy with her first born daughter, Evaliah. These negative comments date back all the way to 2016. Many of her followers expressed their shock and concern for Polites and her baby and were worried that her baby bump was too small and ,therefore, her pregnancy seemed unhealthy. Because of the assumption on her health, some of her followers began accusing Polites of not being healthy while pregnant and ridiculed her by sending harsh comments, which included “this can’t be healthy” and “I’m just saying these pictures prove her baby does not have room at all” among many other harsh criticisms. On top of receiving harsh criticism for not having a “normal” baby bump on both of her pregnancies, Polites also received criticism and shame for having a photoshoot for her labor with her husband and Evaliah while she was pregnant with Arlo.

Even though Polites has received many types of negative comments and feedback from many of her followers around the world about both of her pregnancies and her photoshoot celebrating her labor, Polites states that the comments, hate, and harsh criticisms have not fazed her nor her family. Polites expressed this by writing to her followers on one of her Instagram posts and assured them that the criticisms from others are not bothersome for her nor her family because she knew her body “wouldn’t grow a baby it couldn’t handle”. In the end, Polite is happy raising her two children, growing her family, and is excited about what is yet to come.
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