Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang are well-known among children and adults.

Several holiday movies featuring the characters have been made, such as Christmas specials and cartoons for Thanksgiving and Halloween. The gang recently made a special for D-Day, and viewers have taken to the presentation with love and admiration.

Charles M. Schulz, creator of the Peanuts characters, is known for taking on some of the more serious concepts of life in his cartoons. His recent video of D-Day features how veterans view the day and the events that took place.

It is done in a way that children can understand and appreciate. The cartoon begins with Charlie and a few of his friends in sleeping bags on the ground. Linus feels that they are in an area he recognizes. He walks to the shoreline and looks out at the ocean.

War planes can be seen in the air, gunshots can be heard in the background, and you can see soldiers on the sand. There are memorials in the video and information about what happened on D-Day.

The friends visit the American Cemetery to learn about some of the people who died on D-Day. There are words spoken by General Eisenhower spoke about the day as well as a few video clips from the news at the time of the attack.