When Taylor Kelley was swimming with her family on a peaceful Sunday afternoon, she saw something odd in the water. At first, she thought that she was looking at trash that someone had thrown into the water.

When Taylor and the rest of her family got a closer look, they saw that there were multiple items in the water. The U.S. Geological Survey examined the discovery and saw that it was freshwater jellyfish. They can be seen in 44 states, including the area of the Lake of the Ozarks where Taylor and her family were swimming.

The fish won’t harm humans and are often beautiful to look at in the water. These jellyfish are native to China as this is the area where they come from, and they don’t sting like their counterparts that live in saltwater.

Most freshwater jellyfish eat fish eggs and other small items that live in the water. Taylor and her family have never seen a freshwater jellyfish. Her father thought that she was pulling a prank on him, but when he saw the fish for himself, he knew that it was a sight like none other.

They saw four of the jellyfish while swimming and were even able to catch a few. They did release the ones that they caught.