In 2015, there was a baby born with white, almost silver, hair. The pictures of the baby started to run rampant on social media and news sites. The baby was born in Hungary. Bence was born right on time and weighed about 11 pounds. When nurses saw him, they named him Prince Charming because of his hair and his adorable face.

Bence had everyone wrapped around his finger from the time he was born. Many people, including his parents, thought that he was albino. Doctors quickly ceased those thoughts, explaining the real reason why the baby was born with white hair. Doctors explained to the parents that the color was nothing to worry about. It wasn’t a result of any kind of stress while the mother was pregnant, which was a good thing for the parents to hear.

When doctors looked at Bence’s skin, they saw that there was no abnormality with the pigmentation. A blood sample was sent off to determine if there was a pigment for the hair missing. There hasn’t been an update released, but there have been people who have shared their stories about their own children. Some have children with white hair and they are completely normal while others have children who are albino. There is really no way to determine if Bence is an albino until the test results are revealed.