Most people who have grown up in religious families have been told that they have to pray before a meal. Most kids just bow their heads when their parents tell them that it is time to pray. However, some kids, like Sarah, get a little more passionate during prayer time.

When Sarah’s parents told her it was prayer time, she started off by thanking God for her family. Shen then thanked God for the pizza, the plates and the cups. She continued to name things that she was thankful for. She thanked God for baby Jesus. She also thanked God for Christmas Eve. She finally ended the prayer with an amen.

Sarah’s brother sat next to her during the prayer. He just shook his head the entire time. He does not seem interested in praying at all. He even told his father that he was not going to pray. However, Sarah’s long prayer seemed to make up for the fact that her brother did not pray at all. The video of the little girl praying has been posted online. Many people are inspired by the fact that Sarah understands the importance of being thankful for everything that she has at a young age.