There are a few gifts that some parents might not want to get for their children.

They could be items that are electronic and are too old for children, or the gifts could be easy to break. There is a set of creepy dolls that some parents can’t believe stores are marketing to the younger generation.

Most people know of the “Twilight” movies.

Now, there are dolls that have a faint resemblance of some of the characters in the movies. These are baby dolls that have small fangs in the mouth. The eyes are red, and there is a hint of purple in the hair.

Everything that is enjoyed by the series has been changed. It is now a nightmare experience for children who like to get baby dolls for Christmas or any other time of the year.

If vampires aren’t bad enough, there are dolls that look like zombies.

The eyes are a pale blue, and the lips have just a hint of black around the edges. Another doll is supposed to have a punk design, but the yellow eyes seem to have a ghostly effect. The open mouth is creepy as well.

From clown babies to dolls that look like they have come back from the dead, parents are outraged that these toys are geared toward children.