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They Found A Bullet From WWII, But Never Expected To Find A Note Inside It

A recent discovery of a World War II-era bullet inspired curiosity and wonder in a wide variety of people.  Continue Reading »

9 months ago

Doctors Remove Gigantic Globe From Inside A Girls Head, Turns Out To Be A Tapeworm

Doctors often see things in the human body that many people don’t understand and that many people would fear.  Continue Reading »

9 months ago

At First I Thought This Was A Baby Doll Factory, But When I See The Other Pictures I Start To Feel Sick

Venezuela is a country that is on a downward spiral in regards to its economy. One of the heartbreaking  Continue Reading »

9 months ago

Couple Married For 62 Years Gets Separated Into Different Care Homes

A British Columbia couple that has been married for 62 years was finally reunited in the same care home  Continue Reading »

9 months ago

If You Can’t Fall Asleep This Will Have You Snoring In 60 Seconds

Adults are often plagued by sleepless nights due to stress, anxiety, and the inability to stop thinking long enough  Continue Reading »

9 months ago

Satellites Capture This Hiding In China, I Still Can’t Believe What It Does!

On Sunday, the Peoples Republic of China deployed the world’s largest radio telescope in a mountainous, sparsely populated region  Continue Reading »

9 months ago

Locals Going Crazy Over What Restaurant Did To Kaepernick’s Jersey

Colin Kaepernick started a trend across the country by kneeling while the National Anthem was being played at a  Continue Reading »

9 months ago

Kate Smith’s Version Of God Bless America Is Still Sending Shivers Down My Spine Today

“God Bless America” is one of those songs that everybody knows but not everybody can sing correctly. It is  Continue Reading »

9 months ago

Al Sharptons Daughter Sues NYC For $5 Million For Ankle Injury, Then Gets Caught Red Handed

Al Sharpton is one of those public figures that seems to constantly be in the middle of some controversy  Continue Reading »

9 months ago
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