A mysterious brass box that was recently discovered under a Kentucky Civil War monument turned out to be a time capsule that was buried in the late 19th century. Found under the Confederate Monument in Louisville, the capsule was opened by experts at the nearby university.

Unfortunately, the contents were not properly preserved and had turned into a mushy mess. The box was thought to have been buried on the site by a rebel trying to hang on to a small piece of the Confederacy.

Even though the items were badly damaged, some were still identifiable. The capsule contained memoirs, currency, a bible and a cigar that probably belonged to Jefferson Davis, who served as the Confederate president.

There was also a drawing of General Robert. E. Lee. While the time capsule does have some value, none of the contents are museum quality due to weather damage.

The box was discovered after the Confederate Monument was moved due to it being a reminder of slavery and a divided country. Greg Fisher, the mayor of Louisville, tweeted about the capsule and said that it was a great find.

It is not known what the next step will be for the time capsule’s contents.