Fashionistas all over the world look forward to New York City’s Fashion Week, where countless designers host runway shows and reveal their newest collections. Though all of the creativity is inspiring, the fashion industry has been under attack lately due to their lack of diversity. It can get boring to see countless size 0, Caucasian models with long hair stomping down the runway, so Ashley Graham’s show was particularly refreshing this year.

Ashley Graham has long been a popular model, and in the past year, she has decided to branch out and launch her own collection. This collection celebrates body’s of all sizes, and the runway show featured a truly astounding variety of shapes and skin colors among her models. The show was primarily for lingerie, and unlike other plus size fashion week collections, it did not hide the models’ beautiful curves. The fact that it is lingerie is truly revolutionary, since most plus sized women hate being stuck with industrial, ugly beige underwear while their slimmer counterparts get sexier pieces.

Instead of covering up the models in unflattering, ruffly clothing, Graham chose to create truly stylish pieces. Her lingerie features all of the trends, such as cutout shapes, halter necks, strappy detailing, and unusual lace elements, that have been showcased on other runway shows recently. The models, who were beautiful women of all skin colors, truly look beautiful and confident, and you can see that they love having sexy underwear designer in their sizes. If you love body positivity, this is definitely a runway show you have to see.