Online puzzles often grab attention because of the challenge of achieving high scores where others have had difficulty.

A recent puzzle by Playbuzz has frustrated a lot of people with its simple request: It asks people to choose the color of the dot that is exactly in the middle of each card in the puzzle. According to Playbuzz, most players fail to achieve a perfect score.

The puzzle consists of eight cards that feature a series of dots in horizontal rows. Once a player clicks the “Let’s Play!” button, the first card displays 15 dots in three rows that feature five dots per row and a cluster of colored dots at the center.

The player must then select the color of the centermost dot from two rows of colored squares below the card. As the game continues, the number of dots per card increase. For example, the second card features 35 dots and the last card features 425 dots.

Success in solving this puzzle depends on a person’s ability to concentrate and focus well enough to visually determine the answer without counting out the number of dots or to calculate the center based on the number and the positions of each of the colored dots in relation to the whole.

Players who achieve perfect results are informed that they are “Officially Smarter Than Others.” They are told via a paragraph below the game that they have incredible analytical and calculation abilities, and that they are more patient than most people.