Once being placed in the limelight comes full-circle, people await a response. The way someone takes to their new-found fame is a telling sign if they will become a people’s champion or fall off along the way. For Anniek Vankulen, this was a similar setting for a story of approval. Being that Anniek kept most of her life private from public terms until recently, there wasn’t much to point to her extensions of success. It is known that she was born in Mexico and is well into her 40s. The age point of reference and her incredible looks don’t seem to fit the bill. This is her sign of promise that led to her advancement into the lives and hearts of millions. Her Instagram page was created nearly a year ago, when she first started to involve herself in any format of social media.

She adds YouTube to her engagement list, but again, limited posts and messages still leave much to be discovered.

What we do know, however, is that Anniek applied herself to modeling when she was in her early 20s. She enjoyed the amounts of freedom and personal achievement that it brought her. She knew that intense dedication was a skill that successful models had to master and she was up for the challenge. Keeping her life hush-hush and focusing on her work became a reason for fans to respect her progress and her output. She was partnering with many different brand ambassadors and was increasing her social awareness along the path.

Today, Anniek invests more time in social media than ever before. She has gained some coursework in the field of social media application usage, fostering imagery that would bring greater notice to her many achievements. Framing her work in this method allowed for a global audience to catch on with her work and her life. She still keeps most of her past under wraps, rarely revealing any personal information to others. This lack of personal speak has placed all of the spotlight on her career endeavors. This is a respected portion of her being. People gravitate to those who work hard for what they have earned. The respectful outpouring of individual comments and posts have etched her personality into the hall of fame of social media sites. She reduces the noise and lets people say what they will. Ignoring anything that doesn’t involve the positives to her work has created a popular figure for many. Her way of thinking has caused many to change the way they pursue their goals, fostering higher success ratios. Many have shed profuse amounts of thanks to Anniek via her social media sites and her responses show that she cares about the well-being of others. She is a woman who will go down as a popular public figure of influence that hails from Mexico. While this region marks her homeland, her spread has touched all corners of the globe and will continue to impact others into the foreseeable future.