Everyone has heard the old saying that talks about finding a needle in haystack. The saying paints the picture that it is difficult to find something like that in a stack of hay.

Three UK gentlemen proved that saying to be true. They didn’t just hide a needle in a haystack; they hid a cannabis factory in there.

They had an entire plant hidden underneath what looked like an innocent stack of hay. The disguise was pretty smart given that no one will usually bother such a stack.

How they hid the smell of weed still remains a mystery, however.The location of the hay-ward cannabis plant was in Brackenhurst Farm. Investigators said that the farm held hundreds of cannabis plants, and the culprits had them hidden behind many bales of hay.

Police also found thousands of pounds in cash, which made it easy to accuse these persons of the crimes of cultivation, production and perhaps illegal sales.

Their operation most likely brought in millions.The three men who were involved in the crime were Ian Locke, Martin Young and Raymond Nicholls.

Police have confirmed that Nicholls will use cancer as a part of his defense. He claimed in his statement that he suffered from cancer. Apparently, he acted as his own medical doctor, manufacturer and prescription filler for his illness.

Maybe the judge will have some mercy on Nicholls if he can prove his illness, but then again, maybe not. All three men face spending some time in prison.