While every relationship comes with the risk of ending, infidelity is usually one of the leading causes due to the deep betrayal.

While most people try to find a way to be adults about such a betrayal and discuss where their relationship stands, one particular man, named Bolinha, decided to return fire against his cheating girlfriend and send the footage to a television program.

With Valentine’s Day being one of the most romantic days of the calendar year and oddly also one of the most common dates for a relationship to dissolve upon, Bolinha took precise aim in his approach to delivering the maximum amount of injury to the woman he loved.

Footage from an anonymous video taken from a video camera concealed within his car shows the Bolinha having just collected his soon-to-be-ex in the backseat of his vehicle for a lover’s ride and hands her a red, heart-shaped box with a hug, a kiss and speaking a brief complement in Portuguese.

After he is certain she has the box, Bolinha quickly exits the vehicle, manually locking every window and door while the woman ponders over the package. Curious of exactly what her boyfriend might be planning, the woman decides to open the proffered box, starting by undoing its decorative pink ribbon.

Right as the theme of “Jackass” starts playing, she opens a box filled with cockroaches, realizing that she is in a confined space with no escape as Bolinha chides her for sneaking off to party with others.