The American brand John Deere is well recognized by its signature colors, green and yellow and its logo of the leaping deer.

The company manufactures plenty of agricultural, forestry and construction products which link their services to the land. John Deere has been around for decades now, about 175 years.

Some folks love their John Deere snow blowers and lawn mowers. Perhaps, the iconic brand is best known for its incredibly sturdy tractors, and when it comes to everything farming, you can’t beat a John Deere tractor.

These agricultural machines are built to last and provide the major horsepower and accuracy needed to handle the pulling power for row crops, etc.

John Deere tractors are put together with the latest advancements in technology, offering exceptional performance, while using less fuel consumption than ever before.

Maybe that is why one enterprising fellow decided to turn his John Deere tractor into a kick butt John Deere chopper, and it isn’t what you think. This clever guy built a motorcycle chopper with amazing inspiration from his green and yellow tractor.

If you check out the video here by YouTube’s Dimitar Shiderov, you’ll be blown away. The riding machine was designed with the front end of a real motorcycle chopper and the back end of a huge tractor wheel.

It looks super comfortable, tough, and it’s painted in the signature colors. By the way, this John Deere chopper turns every head that sees it, and it moves at a good clip.