Traveling the United States in the comfort and convenience of a cozy mobile home is a dream that most never have the courage to pursue.

Blogger couple Megan and Drikus decided to set out on their own adventure, but not before documenting the astounding transformation of their little home on wheels. The RV renovation project resulted in a modern trailer that is barely recognizable.

The original mobile home featured a very outdated and rugged appearance in addition to being purchased with water damage.

Megan and Drikus laid out a plan to divide the renovation into four main areas before changing everything from the wall color to flooring.

Adding modern accents and brighter colors created the appearance of a more spacious and clean interior.

Granite countertops, hardwood flooring, and a big soft bed are only a few luxury features of the RV that the couple now claim as the best home they’ve lived in.

The stunning before and after images collected by the Megan and Drikus have many skeptical if it’s the same mobile home. Hard work truly pays off in the end because now they have the perfect travel companion to keep them safe and comfortable as they explore the country.