The Utah Jazz is getting a lot of attention. Gordon Hayward, who is one of the players, put his hand over his heart during the National Anthem.

Hundreds of people noticed that he was the only player who showed respect for the National Anthem. Not only did Gordon receive a lot of positive reactions for the way that he showed respect during the National Anthem, but he managed to score eight points during the game. However, more people were impressed with the fact that he showed respect for this country.

Utah Jazz All-Star, Gordon Hayward.

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Thanks for making us proud, G. ?

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One person stated that they have more respect for Gordon because he was the only one who put his hand over his heart. Another person stated that Gordon made Utah proud. Gordon was recently interviewed and stated that playing in the NBA was an honor. He also stated that he was happy his parents were able to watch him.

Additionally, Gordon talked about how his dad has been behind him ever step of the way.

Gordon also talked about his experience playing in the All-Star game. He stated that the experience was incredible, and he had an amazing weekend. He thanked everyone for their support and stated that he looked forward to playing the game again.